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Jazz Contemporary Lyrical Dance Programs (8yrs. and up)…

Beginner Ballet Program

Our jazz, lyrical and contemporary dance programs focus on strong technique that strictly mirrors our ballet program. Dancers in these programs receive training from instructors who directly and consistently communicate with our ballet methodologist to insure that the training, technique and vernacular is the same. As ballet is the core technique for these dance styles, dancers in these programs are required to take ballet. Regardless of whether a dancer wants to train for fun, personal fitness, or for a future in dance, HCCD feels it is important to be taught the techniques correctly.

Beginner Programs

Beginner Ballet Program

New students may begin at the age of eight (We suggest our "combo" program for those under eight). We accept new students all year long! We offer many options in our program for the beginning dancer. We love working with new students and training them from the ground up!

Getting Started…

All new students with no previous dance experience begin in our "Essential" Classes.
This one hour class teaches the elements needed to progress. After learning these basic techniques, students are prepared to enter a "level one" class.

Previous Experience?Previous Experience?...

If you have had previous experience, please call and set up a FREE assessment to determine which level is right for you!

Specialized Companies

Although all of our technique classes perform, dancers also have the opportunity to audition for performance, touring, and competition teams:

Beginner Ballet Program

Qualified Instructors

Not all instructors are alike! HCCD does not just hire anyone. Special care is taken in our hiring process. Our instructors are some of the most qualified and best teachers in the country. Most of our teachers have bachelors and graduate degrees, are nationally certified, or have vast experience and recognition in their chosen field of dance. Our teachers are also chosen for their ability to relate to the needs of our students both academically and personally.



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